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I cannot tell you how much you'll thank yourself for finding this site. Contrary to what your doctor may have told you, one of the smartest things you can do is to purchase your contact lenses from somewhere other than his office. You will save a ton of money.

Think about it for a moment, anyone that has a non-Internet business has to pay for rent, utilites, inventory, etc. If you order your contact lenses online, the majority of those things don't apply because often times your order is shipped directly from the manufacturer. That means, you can enjoy up to 75% in savings!

I have sent a lot of time going through the best contact lens resources on the Internet for you to help with your buying decision. You'll find contact lens reviews, articles, and details that are sure to assist you in making the best decision no matter which route you decide to take.

Here's a list of the contact lens retailers I recommend you check out. Please take time to look at each independent review I've provided.

1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts is the largest contact lens store in the world. The offer some of the best deals around too. How does free shipping with every Internet order and $40 rebates sound?

1-800 Contacts Review

Eye Color

Eye Color offers a full variety of color and special effects lenses. They also provide some really convenient eye care accessories.

Eye Color Review

Contact Lens Store

The Contact Lens Store is a discount supplier completely operated by professional contact lens practitioners, opticians, and optometrists. You get the fully benefit of their experience in eye care.

The Contact Lens Store Review

Day Lens

Days Lens offers up to 50% off other Internet prices and has sold over 70 million lense worldwide. They offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee and ship throughout the United States and Canada.

Day Lens Review offers contact lenses from all the top manufacturers and gives quick and convenient access to all their top sellers. Review