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Change Your Look Without Changing Your Body

For the hopeless romantic, a good love story always begins with a deep gaze into the mysteriously intriguing eyes of some attractive person met by chance. The importance of that first impressionable stare in your lover’s eyes is critical to understanding the emotional high of the moment. It has been said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, if that is the case, wouldn’t it make sense to have your eyes compliment your best qualities and enhance your unique style?

Color contact lenses add that inimitable quality that makes the world stop and stare. It does it without the need for costly and painful plastic surgery. Colored contacts are inexpensive, painless, and fun. There are basically two types of colored contacts that are used to enhance your best features. They are called enhancement contacts and opaque (colored) contacts.

Enhancement contact lenses are used to bring out the intensity of your eyes. If you have naturally light colored eyes but they are somewhat subdued in saturation, wearing enhancement contacts will strengthen and intensify your natural eye color. Though the contact itself is tinted, its purpose is strictly to take your existing color and make it more vivid.

On the other hand, opaque or “colored” contacts are used to change the color of your eyes. These are the most common type of colored contact lenses. They come in various colors with the more popular hues being blue, hazel, green, and amethyst. With opaque contact lens, the center of the contact remains clear so that your vision remains unaffected by the color.

Both enhancement and opaque lens are available for prescription use as well as for strictly cosmetic purposes. Regardless of which style you choose, both types of contacts will definitely accentuate your natural beauty. One of the best features of wearing colored contacts is that if for some reason you don’t like your particular color, you can always change it effortlessly. Talk to your eye practitioner today and see how colored contacts can instantly give you a new improved look in minutes.

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