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All About Disposable Contact Lenses

Did you know that traditional contact lenses were never intended to be worn forever? Even when the first contacts were developed, optometrists knew that the more often the contacts were changed, the better the health of the eye would be. Yet, contact lenses were fairly expensive at the time and it didn’t make good financial sense to dispose of them on a regular basis. However, all of that has changed. With advances in technology and lower material costs, now you can buy affordable disposable contacts.

Disposable contacts are contacts that can be thrown away every two weeks or so if not sooner. Most people also use “disposable” to describe lenses that are discarded monthly or every four months. However, these types of contacts should be more appropriately referred to as frequent replacement lenses.

Disposable contact lenses are extremely popular for several reasons. They require minimum if any care at all. In the case of one-day disposable contacts (daily disposables), there is no cleaning involved. You simply toss out your lenses each night and wear a new pair the next day.

Disposable contacts are also healthier than traditional lenses. Because they are discarded frequently, they prevent the buildup of eye-damaging substances such as protein which can cloud your vision. Also, by throwing away your lenses at you night, you eliminate the risks that are associated with contacts that can be slept in.

There has never been a contact lens that balanced visual health, convenience, and comfort as gracefully as disposable contact lenses. They don’t require care in most cases and their health benefits are very accommodating. Talk with your eye practitioner today about fitting you for a new pair of disposable contact lenses.

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