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4 Tips To Finding Great Contact Lenses

If you are thinking of purchasing discounted contact lens via the Internet or at a retail optical center, there are four important factors you need to keep in mind: Insurance, Price, Accessibility, and Expediency.

1. First, you need to make sure that your insurance covers online purchases. Many of the leading insurance companies that offer vision plans have specific eye practitioners/retail outlets where you can safely buy your contact lens. Some of these outlets allow online prescription fulfillment. Many do not. Check with your insurance provider before your eye exam and see which online optical retailers are covered under your plan.

2. Secondly, remember to shop around. Many offline eye-care companies offer weekly coupons on purchasing contacts. There are also a number of exceptional deals that can be found online for purchasing your contacts. By doing some basic price comparison on each, you can quickly find a price on purchasing the perfect contact lens that fits your budget.

3. Along with insurance and price, keep in mind the accessibility/availability of your contacts. If the contacts you have been prescribed are the most popular extended wear disposable lens currently on the market, then many online optical retailers may not have those contacts in stock. It is important for your eye health that you begin wearing your prescribed contacts as quickly as possible. By waiting around for several weeks on a retailer to get your contacts in, you could be causing more damage than you realize. Don’t sacrifice price for availability.

4. The last tip deals with expediency. Expediency is extremely important when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of contacts. The freedom to choose from countless retailers is great if you’re wise about it. However, don’t sacrifice the health of your eyes in an attempt to find the lowest priced most convenient pair of contacts out there. What is most important is protecting your vision and finding the best overall value in a timely manner.

Keep these four tips in mind when you are purchasing your next pair of discount contact lens. By checking your insurance plan first and then balancing price with accessibility and expediency, you will find the perfect pair of contact lens in no time at all.

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