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For years, the only option available for purchasing contact lens was directly from your eye doctor. Most eye practitioners did not give their patients prescriptions for contacts that could be filled outside their office. Even as more retail optical outlets began growing in popularity, the only option for buying contacts was still solely from the place where the eye exam was given. However, thanks to recent legislation, this has all changed.

You are now legally entitled to a copy of your contact prescription. Every eye doctor must give you your prescription if you request it. By having a copy of this prescription, you can now buy your contact lens from anywhere you want—even online!

Having the option to purchase your contact lens online means that you are generally going to pay less than you would at the local optometrist’s office. Also, if you like wearing colored contacts, you are going to have a greater variety of styles to choose from at a cheaper price. Some online retailers may even be able to get you your contacts faster than the time it would take to get them from a local eye practitioner’s office.

However, don’t forget to shop around at both online and offline optical outlets. The reason I say this is because many offline retail optical chains are beginning to drop their prices and offer special coupons in order to compensate for the savings offered by their online competitors.

Buying contacts has never been easier. Prices have never been lower. Thanks to the Internet and recent legislation, even individuals on fixed budgets can now purchase affordable contact lens online. Start shopping online retailers for your new pair of contact lens today!

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