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Beware of Multibrand Contact Lenses

Let's face it. Everyone wants to make a buck. Greed is what drives the competitive marketplace. If laws did not prohibit such activity, the majority of businesses would corner the consumer into spending all of their money at one predetermined company eliminating the freedom of competition. Unfortunately, the world of eye care is no different, especially when trying to find the cheapest contact lenses.

There is a type of branding in the eye care world called “private label” lenses (or multiple brand contacts). These are contacts that are repackaged by manufacturers under specific names for the purposes of being sold solely at particular optical retailers.

The problem with private label contact lens is that it misleads the consumer into thinking that they have to buy their contacts from one particular optical chain. Oftentimes this multi-brand/private label contact is sold at a higher price than the exact same lens in a national brand.

Recently passed federal law prohibits eye care practitioners from prescribing multi-brand contact lens that are only available for purchase from their office. If you are prescribed a private label contact lens, you have the right to have your prescription filled somewhere else with an identical contact lens under another brand name from the same manufacturer.

If you are still unsure about private label lenses, ask your optical practitioner to prescribe you a national brand of contact lens. With a national brand, it is more likely that numerous contact lens retailers will have your specific lens in stock at a cheaper price. Remember that regardless of what your eye doctor may tell you, it is the law that they provide you with a copy of your contact lens prescription when you request it. They cannot force you to purchase your contact lens from their office.

By being an informed consumer, you can avoid the snares that may be encountered when dealing with unscrupulous contact lens retailers. Your eye health and your money are too valuable to be caught up in the extortionist-like practices of a few greedy optical chains.

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