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Understanding Your
Contact Lens Prescriptions

Buying contact lens from a vendor outside of your eye doctor’s office has never been more affordable and convenient. There are numerous online and offline retailers that provide excellent values for your eyecare needs. Most of these retailers offer the latest and most popular styles of contact lens that are on the market at a price you can afford.

If you are thinking about purchasing contact lens from an optical chain, the one necessary requirement is a current contact lens prescription. Although it is not necessary that you have a thorough understanding of what every decimal and abbreviation on your prescriptions means, having a basic understanding of your prescription will give you insight into understanding your eye’s health.

Most prescriptions will have the abbreviations OS, OD, or OU on them. OS means left eye. OD means right eye. OU means each eye. Whichever abbreviation(s) you have, there will probably be a column underneath it detailing the specifics for that eye. With OU the prescription will be the same for both eyes.

Other abbreviations that may be found on your contact lens prescription are CYL, BC, DIA, PWR, ADD, and AXIS. All you need to know concerning these abbreviations is that they deal with various measurements for your contact lens. These abbreviations will almost always have a number associated with them.

Another common mark on contact lens prescriptions is the + sign or - sign. Both signs will be in front of a number that generally contains a decimal. The plus sign simply tells how much visual correction is needed for farsightedness. The minus sign refers to the correction needed for nearsightedness.

The rest of the information on your prescription should be pretty self explanatory. This information includes the brand name of your contact lens, color (if needed), and perhaps the replacement schedule for your contacts. Of course, your eye practitioner’s name and contact information should be on the prescription as well. Many online optical vendors require the optometrist’s name and information in order to verify the prescription.

By understanding the basics of your contact lens prescription, you can increase your knowledge of your visual health. This will aid you in filling out forms when you are buying your contact lens online. With this basic knowledge, not only can you save yourself time and error, but also impress your friends with your new optical knowledge.

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