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Benefits of Soft Contact Lenses

If you are still wearing the hard contact lens you bought back in ‘88, you probably need to have your eyes examined (among other things). Hard contact lenses are officially obsolete. They are no longer in production. They are not recommended by optometrists.

Although the hard contact’s successor, the rigid gas permeable contact lens, probably promotes better overall visual health than soft contact lenses, it unfortunately has a steep curve when dealing with comfort levels and requires more effort in cleaning than most disposable soft contact lens. Therefore the soft contact lens is the reigning champion in the eyes of most consumers.

Of its many benefits, one reason why soft contact lenses are so popular is they are remarkably comfortable. Unlike rigid gas permeable contacts which take constant wear before the user finds any comfort in them, soft contact lenses are just as comfortable weeks down the road without constant wear as they are days after you first put them in.

Another benefit of the soft contact lens is that there is very minimal care involved. Usually care with a soft contact lens consists of rinsing the contact with an appropriate cleaning solution. That’s it. It takes seconds. If you don’t have seconds to waste, there is also the option of daily disposable soft contacts which do not require care at all. You simply throw them away at the end of the day.

Because soft contact lenses are so disposable, they decrease the risk of getting eye infections. However it is important to note that the downside to having such great flexibility and an absorptive nature is that any soaps or lotions that are used in proximity to the eye while the contacts are in may be easily absorbed if you are not cautious in your application.

If you are looking for a low maintenance, great fitting, corrective aid for your eyes, then the soft contact lens is the contact for you. They are extremely comfortable and very manageable. Talk to your optometrist about trading in your glasses and your old hard contacts for the very beneficial and stylish soft contact lens today.

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